There’s no such thing as generic here. It’s a single, seamless journey, tailored for an audience of one.

With Orbit you get a powerfully personalised communication experience. Branded, shaped and tailored to an audience of one. Data in the background drives the experience in the foreground through our unique content tiles.

Outer Orbit communications complete your benefits eco-system. Engagement increases your return on investment in Orbit, by helping your people to value the benefits you provide. And happy employees make more successful businesses.

Rich, relevant and engaging

Outer Orbit communications give a joined-up, single, seamless experience for your people. Benefit microsites, printed augmented reality links, creative email and multi media campaigns, and digital publishing.

The journey we have created is rich, relevant, engaging, and all the while, consistent. This visual glue ensures the user receives a truly joined-up experience.

Take a look at how the journey is made complete...

It’s beautiful, no matter
how you look at it

Online, Orbit’s story is device responsive – re-ordering and shaping effortlessly to bring an aesthetically elegant experience – whether you’re using a tablet, smartphone, laptop or PC.

"I already thought Orbit had the best looking employee
interface on the market and now it looks even better"

Michael Boatwright
Compensation & Benefits Manager – Europe
Cognizant Technology Solutions