It’s about being brilliant.

For you and your people. Orbit puts you in control of your benefits strategy, reporting and management. And it puts your people in control of planning their tomorrow, today.

We think that’s a pretty brilliant place to be.

So when our specialists collaborate on the next big thing, we push out the boundaries for the greater good of our clients and their employees, no matter what.

You have the power

The flexibility to slice and dice your reporting data gives you the power to shape your Orbit installation to your KPIs and business objectives.

Select, build and schedule your own reports to be delivered as and when you need them using Orbit’s MI Control Centre.


Simplicity is the key to brilliance

Orbit makes sense of the complicated. 

It takes in data in all shapes and forms.

It organises that data around your population.

It pushes that data back out into reporting and communication channels.

Simplicity data in out